Photography by Sue Brown

Photography by Sue Brown

Master Photographer in Ludington, MI

2018 Michigan Photographer of the Year

I am an artist… My camera is my paintbrush… I create what others don’t see...

 I love my job….Having a vision, and to create emotion from an image is what I am trying to do every time I pick up a camera. A true thrill is meeting and bonding with people, bringing their personality out for all to see. Offering a glimpse of who, and what they are all about. To light and pose someone and get an expression which shows them at their best, is my job. As an artist, Western Michigan offers a variety of beautiful scenery which truly inspires my artistic vision.The big benefit to all of this is how much fun the process is. We only have three goals in each photography session, being able to take the ordinary, and step it up a notch to "Extraordinary", have “FUN”, and make it “Difficult to Choose”.   I always feel a large responsibility to bring out everyone's inner beauty when they come into our studio. 

Studio Location:

Photography by Sue Brown Inc. 
1676 W Hansen Rd
Scottville, MI